We believe in your ideas and your vision. With our network of highly experienced professionals and the beautiful landscapes and people of South Africa we can help you bring your product and message to life. Full scale TV commercials to micro crews, we ensure efficient service and the best results.

Branded Content

Content is king and in this day and age there are so many new and exciting ways for your brand to get its feel and message across. We can help you to engage your audience by helping you to create meaningful content that gets your audience talking. Beautiful visuals and poignant ideas are what truly makes an impact on the internet these days. That and cats, lots of cats. (We have cats). We want your brand to express itself in a meaningful way and we have the know how, the facilities and the talent to bring the essence of your brand to life.


Ask any travel blog worth it’s salt and they will agree Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. We have all the locations, photographers and models to make your dream shoot a reality. With natural light that is often compared to Los Angeles and locations ranging from deserts to beaches to mansions to a Finnish forest or summer cottage. Cape Town has all the natural and technical facilities you could ever need.


Bespoke soundtracks, sound design, jingle creation, sound effects and voice overs. Great sound can make or break any film or commercial and at Capefinn we don’t break things we make them. Full studio productions, electronic productions and library music. We have access to a vast array of voice over artists, musicians, studios and composers. We guarantee top quality and speedy turn arounds for all your audio needs.


South Africa has a huge flourishing creative and design scene and our animation sector is no different. 2D animations, 3D animations, infographics and graphic design is all apart of our services provided to you from “2014’s Design Capital of the World”. We will make sure you get the animation you need with the correct style and flow and that it all comes in on time and on budget.


Logistics, location scouting, story boarding, budgeting, treatments and castings are just some of our pre-production services that we can perform ad hoc or as part of a production package to make your production a huge success. We leave no stone unturned to ensure there are no surprises during your production and that everything happens when it should and how it should.