Capefinn is an international production service company with offices in Helsinki and Cape Town.

Our aim is to create a post production pipeline between North and South by delivering outstanding production service solutions for companies wanting to film in South Africa, as well as introducing Nordic companies to South African technical and creative resources.

Our unique position allows us to offer the best of both worlds: a company which understands Finland and Finnish production values but also has an intimate knowledge of South Africa, its locations, crew and potential.

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Our Team

Leandro Righini
Producer / Director

Leandro is a South African Producer with 20 years experience in film, television and commercial production in South Africa, Australia and Finland. Leandro is a practically minded problem solver with an intimate knowledge of South African locations and production. Leandro has been living in Finland for ten years and has formed a deep connection with the country.

Mari Righini

Mari is an experienced and detailed oriented producer who tackles all scales of production without missing a beat. She is friendly, efficient and Finnish. In her past life she was a Director at The Finnish Tourist board (MEK). She holds two Master degrees as well as being a master at excel, keeping things on budget and finding good hotel deals!

Pascal Righini
Partner / Fixer

Pascal is a do-er, he believes that anything is possible. He is also a rock star (really) and fixer extraordinaire. With an incredible network throughout South Africa built up from years of organising video shoots, still shoots, publicity events and concerts, Pascal is Capefinn’s man on the ground.

Patrick Walton

PP is a phrase you will often here from the tireless Patrick’s lips. It is an example of Patricks incredible work ethic and never say die attitude that everything eventually becomes a PP. Patrick is a local producer and partner. For commercials where we need a logistical genius and a helping hand we partner with Patrick, who operates together with us as Capefinn Shootaway. And just FYI, PP means Patrick’s problem.

We’ve worked with some amazing clients.

Why Cape Town?

The diverse scenery and locations make Cape Town the perfect option for shooting almost any kind of natural or architectural location all within an hour or two drive from the city centre.
A comprehensive range of pre-and post production services
Long daylight hours in summer (reverse-season location)
South Africa has English as a first language and is in the same time zone as Finland.
Internationally experienced and rated crew and technicians as well as state-of-the-art equipment all at good prices.
The multicultural population. The population’s diversity gives you fantastic casting potential and offers a casting pool with a massive range of looks, ethnicities and talents.
With multiple new film studios being built and more feature films being shot in Cape Town and South Africa every year there have been huge growths made in the South African film industry and skill levels of the local professionals.